Back in Charlottesville one lady had invited me for meals a couple of time. When I wanted to return the favor, she wouldn’t be available, or she would have one issue or the other. To confess I can be lazy at times too. One morning I decided to do the needful. It was Ramadan. I prepared three items. I knew she would be at home around four, so I gave her a ring.

She gave me a complicated story about something, and told me to come after an hour. I waited for an hour, and after that I loaded the food into my car, and drove to her home. She was busy cooking. She was providing the food that day at the mosque for Iftari. Although I protested against it, she put some for me into two small containers. She could have easily put them into my dishes, but probably felt embarrassed at the small offerings.

Those containers are still with me, because soon after I met with an accident, and wasn’t able to return them. I had told her I would be leaving, but she didn’t come herself. She created a complication for me — how to return her items. At the moment I am trying to think of some suitable gift for her, so that I can post it together with her things.




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5 thoughts on “Complicated”

  1. I sometimes wonder why people make things so unnecessarily complicated, as you describe. A new friend invited me over and I accepted, but then she made it so complicated that it still hasn’t happened. It’s OK if she changed her mind.

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