Yesterday we searched for houses in Connecticut for my daughter Nola. It is picturous, but there is a flaw. New houses are hardly built, and only old ones are available.  The ones we looked at, shown by a realtor were very old and depressing. Another strange thing was the one, and only bathroom which existed in them was next to the kitchen. Highly disappointing. 

The second last one we saw didn’t have central cooling. It was on first floor, and haphazard in design. It was warm inside, and I soon started perspiring. The young ones, and I stayed for a while on the balcony. Seeing the fire escape stairs, we went down to sit on a bench under the shade of a tree. We waited outside for Nola. It was more pleasant outside than inside the house.

This time my daughter intends to stay back. Obviously she has to rent/buy a house. Then she will have to consider schools for the two young ones. She has asked me to leave Houston to live with her. At the moment I refused. My son is alone, and he has yet to come to terms with his impending divorce. He grieves about the separation from his children. When the children come for a day, he lights up from the inside.
As the day ends he gets depressed. I can only hope and pray for him.

His heart thrown away trampled underfoot

What do you say to years lost

Images of past life crash in his mind

He laments for his love aside tossed

Why, why, why? Is the question he asks





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