We have been to Hartford, Connecticut today again. Main purpose was finding a home. One lady had invited us to have lunch with her at a local restaurant. We were to meet at Berlin mosque for Friday Prayers, and from there we were going together to have lunch. Thankfully we arrived before the rush of other prayees.  We found a good place for parking. The women area for prayers was upstairs. 

One lady I met in the mosque wanted us to get a house in her locality. She even offered to look after the two young ones when my daughter Nola wouldn’t be home. I had a nice surprise. A girl came and hugged me lovingly for a while. For a minute I didn’t recognize her. J and her family were our tenants in Peshawar, when my husband was alive. They were refugees from Afghanistan. Later on they shifted here. I became a witness that the world keeps on getting smaller. I couldn’t have imagined meeting her after a gap of eight years.

We are shifting in two days time from the hotel in New York. The young ones are going to enjoy living in the new place. The club house is near, and it has an indoor swimming pool. There is a fishing area within the gates, where there are plenty of fishes, and Farmington River is there for kayaking. 

Tired and happy we reached New York back by eight thirty.




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2 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. Good luck to your daughter in the house-hunting. What struck me here might seem odd, but it is a universal truth: wherever we go now, whatever our religion or background, it seems the most annoying thing is the lack of parking and the happiest thing is when we find a good parking spot!

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