I have come to know one basic reality: one learns from mistakes, but you sure can’t undo them. 

To err is human, but to repeat the same error is folly. 

When winter comes around I would love to wear brown. Brown color appeals to me in cold weather. It spells warmth, but this is one color which doesn’t suit me. Something goes haywire in me, and I end up buying. Once the clothes are stitched, and I try them in front of a mirror,  I don’t like myself in them at all. The clothes get pushed to the back of my wardrobe. A day comes when I give them away. I vow to myself, I will never buy this color. I forget after a while, and get carried away again.

The only good thing which comes out is Someone else gets to wear new clothes.




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5 thoughts on “Mistake”

  1. I look terrible in purple, and I used to do exactly what you do – my worst disaster was a glittery purple thing which I wasn’t even sure I liked much, but the shop assistant was desperate to sell something, and he persuaded me to buy it. Even if it had suited me, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that it was a horrible dress 🙂
    A few weeks later the shop closed down…

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      1. It doesn’t work with me these days. An over-eager salesperson will send me running from the shop even if I had intended to buy whatever they’re trying to push onto me, but I was only eighteen back then, and I didn’t want to offend.

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  2. Hi, I love this post and will be a new follower.

    It may not be as bad as you think.There are lots of different browns and maybe one of them suits you. Warm, Cool, Dark Light, reddish-brown yellowish-brown, greenish-brown. Try them all before you give up on brown completely.
    Hold it up to your face and see if it enhances your hair color, skin tone or eye color. If it does then you can pick that particular shade of brown in the future.

    Bring an honest friend with you when you are making your choice, firstly to keep the shop assistants at bay and then to say what does and doesn’t suit you

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    1. Thank you for the follow. I have tried different shades of brown. I forget every time I order a new dress, and then I gave it away. For the last four years, whenever I am tempted I try to remember the last disaster.


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