One superstition I heard a long time ago was that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be out and about when an eclipse of moon is happening. The reason given was that the unborn child’s face will have a birth mark. The old ladies in my late husband’s village relished the idea of frightening the newly married girls with horrifying tales of ugly birth marks. 

I feel embarrassed in admitting to getting frightened. Now it seems a silly notion.

Children born with birth marks are very few. In my life I have only seen one child. As to what causes it, I have no idea, but to attribute it to the moon’s eclipse is laughable. 




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2 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. We have birthmarks in our family genes. The reason you see less today is because of improved medical procedures and makeup in our modern world.

    Another superstition is birthmarks were a sign of the devil. Who knows what evil lurked in my past family history? Or perhaps if some mother wandered in the moonlight in our past family history?.

    I don’t, because I have enough worry about the future for my posterity. But I have to admit, it would be interesting to know more about my family tree and superstitions..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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