A Happy Eid-ul-Duha to everyone.

Downtown XL Center – the makeshift  Eidgah where the Eid Prayers took place.

We went to downtown Hartford for the Eid prayers. The children and elders all wore new clothes to bring a zing to our Eid.

Here I am wearing the same clothes I wore on last Eid. I have to make do with a few clothes I brought with me from Peshawar. The shalwar, qameez and dopatta ensemble comes in usage like today’s occasion.

Two Black American Ladies who had come to offer Eid Prayers 

We had a lunch get together  in a park. There was chicken barbecued outside. Everybody contributed a dish, or two. There ware two types of cooked rice, various salads, hot dogs, kababs, barbecued chicken pieces, and many dishes of desserts. It was lovely meeting new people. I made new friends among the ladies. Their enthusiasm at meeting me waned a bit after learning that I was leaving, and going back to Houston in ten days time.

From here Houston seems as far away as the moon. 




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17 thoughts on “Zing”

    1. Thank you. I have been enjoying myself. I had a great time visiting my sister in New York, and my cousins and other family members in New Jersey. My visit to my daughter is coming to an end. I had come to spend Eid with her. Will be going back to Houston in a week or so.

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