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I was perplexed as I looked at the grass in my front lawn. The grass was withering. There were white patches. The grass had disappeared in spots like a balding head when hair no longer grows on it.

My downstairs tenants had gone to a relative’s wedding in Pindi. They were going to be away for a week. Hafsa (my tenant’s wife) had come upstairs before leaving to tell me that I would be alone, as she had given a week’s leave to the man servant.  I had no objection to his leaving too. I was paying him wages for the errands he did for me. I could manage on my own.

In their absence I came down to tackle the grass problem. I had realized that they had washed their carpets and let the soap water run into the grass. Later when they came back I asked them to wash their carpets on the driveway, so as not damage the grass.

 I picked at the soil to loosen it. Removed the loosened dirt, and covered it with fresh soil, fertilizer  and tufts of grass. Many of my potted plants had either disappeared, or died. That was the price I paid for no longer living in my home. 




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