I am passionate about cleaning. It doesn’t mean I like doing it. Isn’t this contradictory?  I have been eyeing the window in my bedroom dreading cleaning it. Insects, dust, cobwebs hanged in the crevices and corners. This is a rented apartment in which  I am staying with my daughter. In just a few days I will be going back, so I should turn a blind eye, but I can’t do that sort of thing.

I wonder at the management. When they were having the apartment readied for new tenants shouldn’t they have cleaned the windows? Years of dirt was there. Even pine needles were stuck in the panes of the windowsill. They must have been blown from the Pine tree outside towards inside. They ignored the windows while painting the inside area, and putting in new carpets.

I cleaned it today. It took longer than I anticipated. Cleaning away the years of accumulated dirt and cobwebs took some time. The reward was a broken nail, and a cut on my right thumb.




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