Stylish doesn’t mean wearing stylish clothes, and accessories only. It means taking care of the rest of your personality. 

A lady A in my Quran classes was extremely stylish, and talented.  She wore fantastic clothes. She designed her own clothes. Each one was a creation by itself. We sat at opposite ends of the class. There were few sofas, and chairs.  Rest of the class would sit on the carpet facing the teacher. As I can’t sit on the floor, and everyone knew it, so my seat near the door was always reserved. No one sat in it, even if I wasn’t there.

One day A was late. Her seat was taken. A seat near me was empty. She came to sit in it. While taking notes I inadvertently had a glance at her feet. The toe nails had over grown, and were growing twisted. Gross! I mentally shuddered.

Why didn’t she cut her nails? Or was it a bizarre form of fashion?




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