As I flew to New York to see Nola (my daughter), and her family, and spend Eid with them, my son Shelly left for Haj. I went prior to his leaving. Made him food for the few days I wasn’t there to cook for him, and put the boxes in the freezer for him to have home cooked meals. Unlike me, he loves to eat outside. The only thing is, it doesn’t agree with his digestive system.

Both my children have created a dilemma for me. Nola wanted me stay with her in Hartford, Connecticut. She has moved back from Saudi Arabia. Her youngest is not yet three, and Nola is scared of baby sitters, and daycare centers alike.

Shelly looks haggard, and is on the verge of a collapse. Back from Haj, he coughs like an old man. He is understandingly going through a lot of stress because of his divorce. He misses his children, specially the youngest one IB.

I want both my children to stay in one place. Whoever needs me, I will be able to spend time with him, or her. Nola is a snowbird. She is like her late father. The colder the climate, it’s the better. Shelly likes warmer places. They are poles apart.

A day befor my flight back to Houston on the 24rth of September, I was wavering between what to do? I felt monsterous on leaving. I told Shelly, I was thinking of changing my ticket. My son’s voice shook as he answered, “what about me?” 

Is there anyone who can create a doppelgänger of me?




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10 thoughts on “Dilemma”

  1. Well, nobody can be in two places at once. I’ve been very far away from all my family for 12 years now. We stay connected, Skype is great. It most likely depends on how comfortable you feel with some distance. My daughter is almost 37 and grandchildren are almost adults, so it doesn’t feel too bad, however, staying close to kids is always great, I understand your desire to be for them whenever they might need you. Such is life: it creates tough situations.

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    1. I speak with both of my two children, when I am away from them on daily bases. We use FaceTime for seeing each other. As a mother I feel terrible when I am unable to help. It would have been great if both lived in the same place.


    1. Thank you. Praying is a very nice thought. I do pray for both my children, and I am sure most mothers do the same. I feel bad when I am unable to be there with them in their hour of need. At the moment I have to be with my son, as he is depressed, and under a lot of stress.


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