The gates would open, if you had a sensor key. I had not applied for it then. I have it now, it’s a breakthrough for me.

Before I got the key, I had to drive slight right towards a curve, punch in the code, and then drive through the gates. But should have watched for another curve which came before the road straightened towards the gates. I didn’t (it was my first time), the car tilted as the left front wheel climbed it. I wasn’t expecting this mishap to happen. My heart dropped down right into my shoes.

With a scolding ringing in my ears from my dearest son (shouldn’t this be the other way round–mamas scold their children), I managed to reach the gates, which were fast closing .

Son refusing to sit in the car with me again (he sits none the less), and with a red face, I entered the gates.

Heigh Ho! We were home.




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