IB’s Original

Last Sunday we had an art competition at the local mosque. The afternoon prayers were at 2pm. The exhibition and competition were after the prayers. I gave an early lunch to IB (grandson) and S (son). I didn’t feel like eating, so forgo having lunch. I put a fruit and nut granola bar in my bag in case I felt hungry.

IB had to be persuaded to participate. He said that he had never drawn anything. As the room was being readied for the participants I let him go outside to play. Later on, with much cajoling on his father’s part IB parted with the monkey bar, and came inside. He drew the above sketch. 

On my son’s insistence I took part too. It was problematic for me, as my near vision is perfect, but far one isn’t. I would put on the specs to look at the object, and remove while drawing. It wasn’t bad, but when I used the colors, it was horrible. The teacher saved it from trash to take it with her.

My son’s verdict was: his son’s drawing was the best, and his mother’s was second best.




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