My grandsons were three and a half, and six months old. We badly needed a maid to look after them, and for cleaning and dusting in the house. Beggars can’t be choosers, so the one we got, we bore with her.

Nothing was safe in our home after she ventured in our midst. One had to keep an eye on her all the time so that she won’t break things. It seemed things went out of their way to get broken. 

I remember the time, I had given her a tray full of food to take it to her brother (he was responsible for outside work), and another person, when I heard a crash. Food, broken plates, and glasses littered the floor. I was in a fix. I had to get more food ready to give them. 

She broke so many of my knick knacks. In the end I put those which survived in a safe place, and the few I let remain, I dusted myself. Can you imagine she managed to damage three vacuum cleaners, two toasters, and three irons.

I would wash those dishes, and cups myself which I wanted safe from getting broken. My work load was more than her. 

I am remembering those days. Do you think she is hiccuping now? When someone remembers a person, he or she starts hiccuping— old wives tale. 




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15 thoughts on “Clumsy ”

    1. During the three and a half stay of this particular maid, she almost wrecked my home. Now when I think of her I wonder at myself why I kept her. The most horrible thing about her was that she was a big liar.


  1. I’ve heard so many tales about bad maids or house helpers. I really don’t understand why they risk their job by being bad and careless. In the newspapers we only read about employers bullying maids but I think we should send to the newspapers of maids bullying employers.

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    1. In my home country maids are the ones stealing, and not doing their work. They take too many leaves. In countries like Arab ones where the maids come to work, the employers have a upper hand.
      I have a horror of maids, and would rather die now than employ one.


  2. Oh gosh! You must really have a bad experience. So sorry to hear that.
    Yes, stealing and lazying around is rampant in Singapore too. I have friends who experienced that. In Egypt, there are not many maids but what we call house cleaners who come once or twice a week to clean the house. Mostly the older, dark-skinned, poor Egyptians. They really do their work well because it’s their main income.

    Well, to be honest, it’s not just maids. I sent my son when he was 4 years old to a Muslim child care center – on the first day, he told us that one of the staffs threatened that she would vacuum the private parts of all children who
    Misbehave. My husband and I got so shocked when we heard him tell us that so we took him out the very next day, complained to the manager and never again did We trust anybody to look after my kids.

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    1. How terrible telling children such an awful punishment. I am shocked beyond words.
      Just because of previous maid behavior, I refused to keep one in 2006 when I underwent surgery for prolapsed urinary bladder. This resulted in more poor health. For six years I suffered till another surgery in 2012, and with the Mercy of Allah I regained good health.
      I have many true stories about maids, but unmentionable.


      1. Oh dear! 6 years is a long time. Alhamdulillah you are okay now. MasyaaAllah, you’re a very strong person.
        Yes, indeed it was a shock to both of us to hear her threatening such things to little kids.
        Yes, better do away with maids. They’ll cause more headaches to us. If really need be, I’d prefer professional health care nurses to maids.

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