Back in home country, no electricity is the norm day, and night. Most of the time one waits for the electricity to appear to do the housework with which us housewives are blessed with.  I would keep one light burning. The minute the bulb lit, I would rush to finish the chores around the house.

I would joke with my late husband R , “We are having candle lit dinner again”.

He wouldn’t get the joke, “What?”

Daily we had candle lit dinners. Was I a romantic person?

No! It wasn’t that. At the precise moment when we were about to have our meals, the lights would go off. Load shedding would begin. When R became too weak with chemotherapy to start the generator, we started burning candles.

I don’t know when the curse of having no electricity which is a basic right, will be lifted back in home country. When the politicians are being elected, they make promises, but they come to naught.




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