Sunrise in Charlottesville


I was cleaning my car outside in the parking lot. J who lived next door to me approached me, “My password is not working on the front door. Can you come, and use yours to open it?” I tried mine, but the door didn’t budge. This was the first time I became aware that residents had different passwords for the front door in the same building.

J was getting worried by seconds. She had bought meat, and a lot of freezer stuff which needed to be put in the freezer, and it was getting defrosted. She had already phoned the maintenance staff to come and solve the problem.

Before moving to her present home, J lived in an underground condo with her husband. She moved from there after she became a widow. She confided to me that she was worried if she came late at night home, and the door won’t open what’s she going to do? I told her that she could always wake me up if it happened.

I rang up the upstairs couple. Thankfully they were home. Both came down to open the door. I found a big enough stone, and wedged it against the door, so that it would remain open. J got her groceries in, and I went my way. 

When I came back the security code worked, and I didn’t have to trouble my neighbors to open the door for me.




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