Nola (my daughter) never tires from rearranging her furniture. She simply dislikes having the same layout for a longer period. Though I admire her stamina in creating a different setup from time to time, I don’t find myself having the same zest, or energy.

I am the opposite version. Once I arrange something, it’s there for all eternity. I don’t have the patience to drag things around to see where they will look much better. First of all everything is so heavy, and to move them requires muscles, and a tough physique. Even if you hire hands to come, and help — they are usually in a hurry, and woe betide me if they are charging per hour.

The only thing I rearrange are cushions, wall hangings, or pieces of decor which I feel need changing.

There was a time I had knitted cushions for my living area. One was a girl cushion, and the other one was a doggie, but oh they were so sweet looking. I had to rescue them from children. They would untie my girl cushion’s braids, and ribbons. The poor doggie cushion’s ears and tail became worn out by being pulled so often.

At present they live peacefully in a drawer back home — I didn’t have the heart to get rid of them. They have been a part of my life.




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