Icecream Tart

No one in our home likes sweets, or desserts. Son afraid of getting diabetic doesn’t want me making anything sweet. Sn and IB (grandsons), who come to stay with us every alternating weekend don’t  like them either, so that leaves only me. Last I baked were Cookies four months ago. Nobody ate them. The person who finished them off was myself. By the time I finished, even I was sick of them, and threw the last ones in the garbage. I don’t want to see one for a long time now.

IB likes new ideas for us to try in cooking, and baking. In making a new home we are still to acquire home essentials. One was buying a tart tin, and IB wanted to be present to choose one. We have bought it since, but now IB is never here to try the new recipe of filling the small tarts with icecream. 

We will try it at the next opportunity we have together, but I am quite sure I will be the only person eating them. The others will say no to them. That’s quite a daunting prospect to think about.


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