I was wondering whether I had something ostentatious with me? My silver gajras surely can’t be called by the same name. Normally a gajra is made of flowers. Back in home country women have them made in gold, but my own I ordered them to be made in silver. 

 I had made similar eight ones made for my daughter, but I have never seen her wearing them. Mine I wear, when there is a need to pair with something silvery in my clothes for party wear. People when they see them, always admire them. Maybe they look more like diamonds bracelets.

I loved collecting lovely crockery. Now it’s a thing of the past. Among the pieces I had were Queen Anne Collection, and other such silver ware. The minute I found out that in my religion it’s not allowed to use silver dishes, I removed them. 

I am keeping a crystal cake plate, and a dry fruit dish. Both are fabulous, and have their rims in silver. They are antique now, you will never find something like that in the market. I didn’t have a heart to give them away. I reasoned with myself that since they are not totally silver — I could keep, and use them. Am I right?


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