To elicit a response from IB (grandson), I asked him which game was he playing? He was playing on his IPad. He mumbled a reply. Both of us were sitting in the backseat, and we were on our way to Conroe. It was an hour, and a half away from our home.  It was rush hour, and traffic was slow. Son’s colleague had invited us to dinner. I had become deaf since last evening.

Both grandsons had come to spend a weekend with their father.  Sn (grandson) had refused to go for the dinner,  saying he was preparing for his test. IB emulating Sn didn’t want to go either. It was with difficulty, I made him change his clothes, and get him ready. 

 I was preparing spaghetti for them. I hadn’t switch on the exhaust. The apartment smoke detectors suddenly started making an inferno of noise. My ears still ache from the sounds. I rushed about switching on all the exhausts, and opened the sliding doors to the balcony. 

I was partially deaf at the dinner. I couldn’t make out what others were saying. When we were on our way back home, I gave voice to my fears that I maybe getting deaf. Son consoled me, “No you are not. I am certainly not deaf. The two ladies you wer talking to, were speaking in a low voice”. 

Made me feel much better.




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