I don’t feel enthusiastic in doing DIY work, but trying to pinch pennies— in my case paisas (they don’t amount to anything worthwhile),  I am working on the bathrooms in my Peshawar home. I reached here at the end of November. Most of my plants are missing. They probably gave up, and my garden wears a desolate look. 

Since then I am battling dust, and grime. I only have one more month in which to tackle the various issues which forced me into coming. I hope everything gets resolved before I go back to Houston. I am relying on God to help me.

I finished my bathroom first. It looks as good as new. The windows, and door got a lick of paint. Before that I had to remove the tons of dust accumulated on the windows sill, and got a handful of it in my lungs. I am perpetually sneezing now. I had to call in a plumber to open the drainage in my bathroom. He charged me a hefty fee for work in two bathrooms. Water had stopped coming in the taps in the second one. I had mentally prepared myself for major work, but thankfully it didn’t come to that. He knew his work doing the essentials, and managed to save me a lot of money. 

I dread doing the grouting in the second bathroom. All that bending is giving me backache. At night, when I finally reach my bed, and my back straighten up a bit, I am thankful I survived another day.



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4 thoughts on “Enthusiasm ”

    1. Sorry I’m not an expert. I just try to patch things in my home. In the beginning I was a complete novice, but with passage of time I got a bit better. For major works I have to call the right person to do the job at hand.


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