Lahore Fort

We visited Badshahi Mosque, and Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) day before yesterday. The artisans who did the work would have received standing ovations if they were alive. Wonder how they were rewarded by the Mughal Emperor? 

This is the dilapidated condition. Where does the money goes which is taken from the public? It’s not spent on the restoration, and probably pocketed by the officials in charge. Year by year our heritage is getting ruined.

The tiles on the walls of the buildings.



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8 thoughts on “Ovation”

  1. I have never found anything great about these Awesomely built architecture mostly because YES it can show how much culture there can be found in these artefacts and how much traditions there exist in these monuments.

    But to me it shows stupidity of spending such huge amounts of wealth on making buildings and mosques rather than creating places where people would learn intellect or something.

    I am by no way criticising your photography its really great, just pointing the fact which is my opinion.

    Happy Breathing 🙂


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