Tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir at Lahore, Pakistan. This photo only is by FJ my son in law. Rest of them are all mine.

You can see the tomb.

Yesterday we visited Jahangir’s tomb before leaving Lahore. I was with my daughter, and her family. We left for Peshawar, and reached here at almost ten at night. Jahangir lies buried alone. His wife Nur Jehan is buried in an unmarked Baradari someplace else.

I am not being morbid, but I wanted to be buried next to my husband in his village graveyard. Today we went to the village for giving away of food to the poor folk at our village. After that we visited my husband’s grave.

I had specifically asked for a place next to him after I die. It seems it is not to be. Since I don’t live here to keep a watch, now a step aunt is buried next to him. My watchman told me if I want a place at my husband’s feet, I will have to enclose it now with a railing. Otherwise that place will be taken too. I have asked him to take the necessary steps for me.

We visited and renewed meeting you today

You never say a word, but listen to what I have to say

The place by you has been taken, my bad luck

Will I have a place at your feet someday


Or I will be buried in a distant land elsewhere.

Dec 29, 2016



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5 thoughts on “Renewal”

      1. I had wanted to be buried beside my husband when I die, but now have become undecided. The only difference is that in US, I will have to buy a plot for at least seven thousand dollars, or more, but in home country I won’t have to pay since it’s the family graveyard.

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