Gone are the days when I had no worries

Now I am steeped in them from head to toe

And they are as thick as snow flurries

Gone are the days when my husband was here

Gone are the times when he would take care

A tenant charged money for home repairs

No work was done, the house is in disrepair

When a person breaks your trust

You stop trusting anyone

People like those have two faces

The hidden one is the hideous one

(Sheen-January 3, 2017)



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15 thoughts on “Gone”

  1. I feel for you. The words are there and it helps to write them I’m sure however the feelings and the hurt remain. It helps me to look for goodness among the trash heap. The steps of recovery are made of joy and peace. Search among the rubble of emotions. Hope and strength to you! May you find peace and joy.

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  2. i feel for you…i just wrote about a similar situation on my blog….business dealings are based on trust so its disheartening when that trust is broken….my trust has been broken many times…this reminds of all those moments….

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