It’s more than a week now since my stomach is in the doldrums. It isn’t getting better. I am tempted to have my morning cup of tea. Even that’s off limits. Bananas, and rice are my fate. I want to escape them, but don’t know how.

Yesterday I was super excited  to make a roti (flat bread) on the girdle. I had made a batch of mutton curry with green peas. The smell of it, while it was cooking was heavenly. I ate it, relishing every spoon full. At the same time I was worried whether it would stay in the stomach. It didn’t. Today it’s back to eating rice.

My sister consoled me on the phone with the cryptic remark that I should be glad that I am losing weight, because of sickness. It’s not the same — feeling sick, or losing weight willingly. 

What do you think?



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