I never liked silken clothes. The thing was they were highly impractical. In summer one wilted in them feeling warm, and uncomfortable. In winters it was totally the opposite. One shivered in them feeling cold. They wouldn’t keep one warm.

On wedding occasions if you didn’t wear silk you felt odd one out among the women folk. All would be wearing shinning new silken clothes. On many occasions I got glances from the other guests for being comfortably clad in cotton in winters, or lawn clothes in summer. 

Wearing silk in winters was a dilemma. The clothes clinged to the body, because of the static in them. Another thing is spending money on dry cleaning them – you can’t wash them. Once washed they lose the shinning look, and look like rags. 

While ironing them, I had to take care not to damage them. I recently burnt a shalwar while getting ready to attend a wedding. I had to scoure the market for the same shade of color, and not getting it. I had to buy it in white, and had to pay exorbitant amount to have it dyed in the shade I needed.

I know I will never get to like silk clothes. To me it is a waste of money.



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