It’s a blessing to have an aesthetic sense. It defines who you are. It gives you the perception to appreciate, and arrange beautifully whatever you have. It may be a few sticks, but the way you put them together speak volumes of the great sense you have. It’s always a pleasure to know such people, and learn from them. 

In the real sense of the word I have come across few people who have it. The ones who are lucky in this respect have great taste in everything — their clothes, homes. 

At the moment I have to leave for the village in an hour, and have to say my Fajr prayers, take a shower, have breakfast, and leave. Life is hectic at the moment, and I have few days to settle my affairs here before I leave.

I am sorry I haven’t been able to visit those blogs who I love to read, and appreciate. I hope once I return I am able to return to daily blogging. I made a disjointed effort to write my blog today– sorry about it.



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