Back in 2012 after an operation, my doctor told me never to squat. I can’t now, and had terrible times back in home country (I spent December, and January there), where Asian toilets are in profusion in public places. I dislike them with a vengeance. 

Recently on visits to Charsadda Courts for settling land matters, I would go without water, and food for hours on end, simply to avoid using a public toilet. I was miserable from thirst, and at the same time dreading kidneys failure. Hunger –one can bear but going without drinking water was torturous.  My son, and I would leave home at eight thirty in the morning, and till evening  I had a terrible time. One of my brother in law had a house there. I couldn’t go to his home either knowing all six bathrooms had Asian toilets. 

How can one use these messy creations? I fail to understand.



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7 thoughts on “Squat”

    1. It is built into the floor, and a person has to squat on it to use it. I feel embarrassed in explaining about it. The thing which I don’t like is getting splashes of urine on your clothes and shoes. Horrible!

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  1. The first time I took my daughter to go home (Hong Kong) to visit my family was when she was four (27 years ago). She couldn’t and didn’t want to go to the squat toilet. I felt so bad for her. I can’t remember how we went through it. Now when we travel to China, in the tourist areas, they do have options. This link is for you friend Bruce. Another side titled 7 ways of using a squat toilet – sorry, didn’t include in this comment.



  2. They have toilets like this in South Africa now too, they have added them to public facilities in sympathy towards the Indian population and they usually have a tap with a shower head extension which is brilliant for cleanliness. However, I’ve also seen squat toilets in France at road-side facilities which are absolutely filthy, you couldn’t even get your nose past the door. Hate taking my children to them and feel the need to sterilise my whole body afterwards! Funny the conversations we have on WordPress!!


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