Reading the word jiggle on today’s prompt brought M1 (my grand daughter) to mind. It’s her favorite word for he mother. She greets Nola (my daughter) by saying “Hi Jiggles”. Whenever I hear M1 using this endearment for her mother, all parts of Nola jiggles in my mind’s eye, and I laugh in spite of myself. 

Nola doesn’t like it as much. In spite of her protests M1 continues with it. It reminds me of those times when Nola would call me Pipla, and I would be annoyed with her. Why couldn’t she call me mother, mom? Nola has come full circle.

I would threaten Nola that I would stop speaking to her if she continued with it’s usage. The threat had no effect on her cause she knew I had a short term memory, and in next to no time I would be talking to her again. Why would she call me by that word? Pipla conjured in front of me a shriveled up ugly creature.

She doesn’t use it now when she showers me with her loving embraces, or when she talks to me on phone. I am happy that it has been deleted from her memory.



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