Even writing about this latest mishap in my life churns my gut with dismay, and anger. Being a widow I relie upon my army pension, and proceeds from rented properties. One of my tenent had stopped paying me the rent from September 2016 onwards. For the month of August he had cut the rent from the security he had given me, leaving half of it.

I had to go back to Peshawar to deal with it. I gave Mr. F a one month’s notice to vacate my house. At the same time I contacted a property dealer Mr Toheed  to deal with selling it, or renting. My son, and I live in a rented, two bedroom apartment. Son’s home went to his ex after the court settlement. We need to sell either the above property, or my village home and lands to get the requisite money needed to buy a home here in Houston. 

My instinct never trusted Mr. Toheed, but older brother Lala prevailed upon me, telling me I didn’t have the required men to deal with the renovation. I paid the bills he showed me, consoling myself with the thought this period will soon be over. My two months stay in Peshawar ended, and I had to come back.

Mr. T has pocketed the security, rents for the month of February (when the new tenent occupied the house), and March. Since I can’t deal with all this from here, I have asked Lala on my behalf to look into it. Meanwhile I am full of anger towards the unscrupulous Mr. T, and Mr. F, and strive for calmness in my life.



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