When looking for fish oil capsules, or Vitamin C, I look at the label to find out that it doesn’t contain gelatin. Recently the cache I had hoarded, dwindled to zero. I had reminded Son time, and again, but as usual he has his own priorities. I dislike going on Amazon to order them, and for a time it looked like I would have to resort to doing so.

As for myself, I kept looking in isles of the shops we most frequent, but to no avail. They were available in every shop with gelatin in them, and what I wanted was –no gelatin. Why they are not for sale here in Houston? I have no idea, because else where they are readily available. Only in Houston it is an impossible feat.

Luckily I remembered that the last bottles of  Vit C were bought in Krogar in Charlottesville, VA. Asked Son to guide me to Krogar here.The previously bought label wasn’t there, but lucky for me I finally saw what I wanted hidden behind a host of other ones. I grabbed the last two on the shelf. They must have been waiting for me to come find them.



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2 thoughts on “Label”

  1. Well, there is a lot of research which says and demonstrates that fish oils had absolutely no impact on cardiovascular health. I know, it’s very difficult for many people to believe that. Synthetic vitamin D should be used with caution and only after a test that indicates a strong deficiency. The use of all synthetic vitamins (those are all vitamins in bottles, capsules and as pills) is shown not to have the same impact as the same vitamins from natural sources as food and drink.
    The newest, research based opinion is that not all people require equally large amounts of vitamin D. I’m seeing on your fish oil bottle a dose of 2000 international units (IU). That is huge. Many North American dairy products also come with added synthetic vitamin D. Plus, you get some naturally if you do not avoid the sunlight completely. Overdosing vitamin D for long periods causes kidney problems and in extreme cases kidney failure.
    If you are eating good, healthy food there shouldn’t be any shortages or deficiencies unless you have some clinically proven (that is with tests) or clinically diagnosed metabolism problem or significant deficiency that is shown also on your tests. Please check out more and also have a look at links:

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    1. Thank you for taking your time to write to me. I do have a deficiency of Vitamin D, and have been told by the doctor to take it. Vitamin C was prescribed by a family doctor, and the fish capsules too.
      I do have a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits including meat.
      Just to be on the safe side I will look up the links. Thank you.


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