The Saga of Bri & Tiff


The two sisters were nothing alike. The eldest one Bri was tall, fair and a very shy person. The younger one was of medium height, dark, and wildly popular among her numerous friends. They hardly talked to each other, except when both were home, and fighting would erupt on their shared bathroom.

They could have avoided the confrontation over the bathroom by using other bathrooms in the house. Both wanted exclusive rights to the one nearer their bedrooms, and neither wanted to let go.

As soon as Bri would hear Tiff arriving home in her car, she would rush to the bathroom to take a shower. Tiff would bang on the door to let Bri know that she needed to use the bathroom. Bri would happily ignore the interruption, and annoyingly take as much time as she pleased.

To make matters worse, Tiff would retaliate by locking the bathroom from her side, and leave a light burning indicating she was in there. In reality she would be sprawled on her bed talking on the phone. This would piss off Bri. There was no end in sight except when their father was home.

Both would take a pause from their fighting. The war for the bathroom would erupt with a new vigor once their father left.



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