My late husband used to enjoy watching Wrestling Championships. Keeping upto date with news was his first interest, starting with the news at 6pm, onwards to 9pm on the local tv. Between the news was the wrestling mania. He would relish the moves the wrestlers took, cheering, and enjoying whatever they did. I disliked the champions hitting each other mercilessly. 

Sometimes it looked a bit fake to me. One wrestler would be getting beaten, and suddenly he would get rejuvenated to beat the daylights from the other one.

I couldn’t take that much wrestling coupled with the news. Everyday there were bombs killing people, and news was all about death, and the drones killing, and blasting houses in the border areas. Life had become a big horror. I would escape from the lounge to watch light drama on the tv we had in the kitchen.

It had always been my mantra to keep myself occupied in work, or reading books with happy endings, or some project, or the other to stay happy. I can’t take bad news, so I hardly watch news. Why make myself unhappy? Downside is I never know the latest news. 



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4 thoughts on “Champion”

  1. I’m the same way…I can’t stand to watch the news…which leaves me in the dark about what’s going on in the world…but it hasn’t seemed to have a negative impact on my life so far, so I’m just going to keep ignorant and let GOD take care of things 🙂

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