Among family and friends, I am the one who is avidly listening while others do the talking. Sis-in-law S won’t let anyone push in a word to the talks going on. There is no space where I can get in a syllable. She won’t let in.

Same thing happens with sis-in-law R. Poor thing! I can’t blame her. She is starved for company. The minute she sees my face, I am cornered, made to sit right in front of her, while she carries on with her incessant chatter. I make my escape hours later on–dazed, and completely wiped out.

Friends Ruhksana, and Rasheeda likewise do the same. I listen — keep on listening till my ears are bursting. I keep on thinking where have I landed?

Aunts Zari, and Feroza were the same too. Bless them, both of them are no more. Aunt Zari would start with her rapid fire questioning. They were never ending. While I would be on answer one, she would move onto questions four and five, all the time guessing the answers herself.

This has been my experience. What is yours? 



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11 thoughts on “Avid”

    1. I know. My late father in law was one who needed someone to listen to him. The day we arrived on a visit he would go on talking not realizing that I was half asleep tired from the journey. My ma-in-law would take pity on me, and shoo him out from our room.


  1. I can so relate. My husband and I now know it is the norm when we visit with my family to be more of the listener than the talker. My sister and her daughter are the big talkers in the family. What I enjoy about them is that they do bring fun and laughter to the room and for that I cannot fault them.

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    1. I do enjoy when others do the talking, and I’m the one listening. The only time it bugs me is when I have an issue, and want to discuss it, but can’t slip in a word edge wise. By the time I can, I have forgotten it.


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