I took a few leaves from the mint leaves we bought from World Food, and poked them into the soil of the pot I had in the balcony. Originally I had planted mint plants in the same pot. While I was in Peshawar, the poor things died of dehydration due to neglect. 

It was an experiment, whether roots would appear. They did! The leaves sprouted roots, and now the mint is slowly spreading. Son is fond of mint chutni with his food. Whereas he is happy, I as a mother feel happy.

What is it with mothers? When our children are unhappy, it seems the light goes out of our lives.



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13 thoughts on “Roots”

  1. Mint is such a wonderfully strong herb, but one you must tame. It just loves to spread its roots.

    Every year my husband and I put multiple hands full of mint from my herb garden and freeze it. Throughout the winter I make mint iced tea. It brings the taste of summer to the coldest days. Now my new mint is coming up again, but I still haven’t used up all of the frozen. I like that it is an herb that I never have to run out of.

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      1. Hi sheenmeem. In a 2 liter pitcher I put 4 bags of orange Pekoe tea (basically just regular old Lipton or Tetley tea) and a bunch of washed mint (usually on the stems). Fill with boiling water. Let it sit for maybe 10 mins or so then remove the tea bags and mint. It’s delicious unsweetened or sweetened. The fresh mint flavor is wonderful. I usually don’t add lemon juice, but you can.

        For quick iced tea I just fill the pitcher halfway full with the boiling water, then after removing the tea bags and mint I fill the rest of the pitcher with ice cubes.

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    1. It’s so easy to make. Take mint leaves, fresh coriander leaves (or parsley), one or two green peppers, two cloves of garlic (peeled), salt as desired. Wash first mint leaves, green peppers, and parsley thoroughly before using them. Put it in a chopper, or mixer. Add yogurt. Your mint chutney is ready. It stays fresh from two to three days in the fridge.
      Another thing I do is to make it in bulk, and don’t add yogurt. I divide it into plastic bags, and put them in the freezer. When needing it, I take it out, and stir it into a cup of yogurt. My chutney is ready.

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  2. Here in Florida our garden is all sand so I grow cacti, and bushes. If I try and grow anything else, as we go away from time to time, everything dies. We have had a drought this winter, and even out climbing jasmine has died. I have watered it whenever I am home.

    We don’t have a World Food in our area, or any Indian stores. That’s why I make my own curry once a week.

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