Wondering what to give M1 (grand daughter) I bought a perfume for her as a gift. I showed it to her while we waited for her mom in the specs shop. She said she didn’t like it. I was embarrassed. Before buying it, I should have asked about her preferences. I didn’t– my fault. It was expensive. I couldn’t give it to someone else. I had bought it with her in my mind.

I had to walk –my feet were killing me, all the way in the Mall to get to the right shop to return the gift. I thanked my lucky stars that I showed it to M1, otherwise we would have to come all the way again from where we were staying.

I found it easy buying a perfume as a gift. What I liked was that it didn’t need more space in my suitcase in air travel. M1 turning down my gift made me realize that giving a perfume wasn’t a good idea at all. 



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7 thoughts on “Perfume”

    1. I have become a bit wiser after that embarrassing episode, where my gift was turned down. Now I try to work my brain cells to think of something else., and if possible find out what is needed.
      I am finding it much easier to hand out money when the occasion arises, and he, or she can buy themselves whatever they want. But that can be again a handicap where one doesn’t want to spend more money.

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      1. Yeah, giving gifts on special occassions can be a real pain – that’s why I’m in full support of spotaneous gifts vs expected gifts!


  1. Mama, don’t worry. M1 turns down our gifts too. Next time, Insha’Allah we will give her a gift card of the grocery store that she shops from! 😊

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