Apprentice means a learner. At the moment I’m learning how to cut my hair by watching YouTube videos. I had a bad hair experience about three months ago. I looked awful. I kept my hair covered even when there was no one at home to look at me. I looked a fright. Daughter got fed up with my wishing I had never gone into that shop

That got me thinking why not do it myself? It’s difficult, specially cutting hair at the back. Besides I don’t have mirrors at the side, or back. The first time I did it carefully. It wasn’t perfect, but after a week it started looking better. 

Day before yesterday, I had another go. It didn’t end well, since I was in a hurry to come out of the bathroom. I share a bathroom with grandsons, and they were with us for a two day period. The back of my head looks kind of bizarre. 

I’m hoping with a color session my hair may look better, or maybe in a week’s time hair growth will cover up the flaw in cutting. Wishful thinking that’s what I’m doing at the moment.



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