I have been driving in Houston since October, but the roads still seem a maze to me. The worse thing is I keep forgetting the names, or keep mixing them to the annoyance of Son. He relishes it when he can count it as one mistake. Ten mistakes– and I have to make him a dish of baked chicken drumsticks.

We had to buy some gifts. While returning home, Son asked me the usual question, “What is this road called?” Answer was “Ah aa a!” He was gleeful. Nola (daughter) is on a very short visit to us (she saw her brother after a gap of two years). She advised me, “Stall! Don’t answer immediately. Wait till you can see the name, then answer”.

Next time, I will try her advice.

She reminded him, “Mama is almost nineteen years older to you. Wait till you get there, then I am going to ask you”. 

Son forgets names of friends mostly, but I am too nice a person to rub it in.



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3 thoughts on “Maze”

  1. The doctor told my husband he couldn’t drive anymore, because of 4 chronic illnesses, and neuropathy of the feet. He has driven me crazy for the past 17 months, because he drives on his own, but I refuse to be in the passenger seat. He will be 84 this year, and why not give in gracefully, instead of making my life a misery.

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