My reprieve would be from housework— from cooking, cleaning and washing. Some guests were visiting. It had been a busy day, and I had been on my feet for a while. My feet were swollen, and were aching. 

The words slipped through my mouth, “Men are so lucky. When they come back from work, they can take a rest, and then they have a break on Saturdays, and Sundays too. I wish I could take a reprieve from housework”.

The guest remarked, “If you wish that, let someone else take over”.


This guest had come with his two wives. He meant that my (late) husband should take another wife who would take over.



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5 thoughts on “Reprieve”

  1. Thanks for that logical presentation. Even, if you have you have house helps, you have to do some thins,g as the mother of the house, on your own, unless you want to turn the girl from a house help to a housewife.

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      1. Thank you. I should confess that I am not creative in the real sense. Sometimes I do have ideas of my own, but when at times I don’t, I draw from images already done.


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