My maternal aunt used to cook rice in a huge brassy pot. She is the same one who bugs me in my nightmares. Actually it was made of copper. She liked to say that food made in copper pots tasted better. She was right in a way– her Biryani and Zarda were the best. No other mortal could possibly make them like her.

Besides the copper pot, another essential item used was coal. The Biryani was cooked on coals. I used to think I would never be able to make meals like her. Imagine burning coal, and how messy it is.

She always had an outside kitchen built in a new home. Her cooking was an art by itself, and uncle enjoyed the best of dishes. She went to a lot of trouble on cooking like grinding the spices herself. Fortunately she had servants who dealt with the aftermath of cooking, or the beginning by getting the coals ready for burning.



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5 thoughts on “Brassy”

      1. I think there are some benefits, though not sure what exactly they are. My grandmother cooked vermicelli every Eid on copper pota and their taste is something I can’t forget.

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