I can’t describe in words the feelings of utter relief I experienced on a momentous day in my life. Coming back to Texas, I put off for as long as possible to get a driving license. I had my home country’s license but the ninety days period soon got over whereas I needed a Texas license. Friends asked me, “Have you taken your written test?” I would say no. The reason was the it was the driving test which I was dreading. There is a time limit where one has to appear after doing the written one.

Son drove me mad by parallel parking his way. Believe me it meant I couldn’t possibly pass the test, cause each and every time I did it, I failed miserably. The first day he took me to practice, it was the nearby mosque. He left me to offer his Salah leaving me alone. My arms ached where as I did the wrestling with the steering wheel. Despite that I was miles away from the curb as I parallel parked.

When Son would say let’s go parallel park, my heart would plummet down to my shoes. I was convinced I was a dummy of the top order. There was no way I was going to pass. 

I confessed to my examiner that I couldn’t possibly pass. She asked me to come an hour earlier before the test so that a driving instructor would teach me how to parallel park. He taught me in a few minutes the correct way to do it, whereas the memory of those two weeks practicing would always be a nightmare.

I was relieved the day I passed my driving test, and finally got my Texas DL.



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5 thoughts on “Relieved ”

  1. Wow Great!! I took my driving license 6 years back and I never drove. Some inherent fear is holding me back . Someone in my mind keeps telling me I can’t drive or it is an uphill task . Off late I have some desire to learn to drive, so I hope one day I’ll make it too . My three year old says she’ll teach me once she grow up . ☺️☺️

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    1. What a sweet thing to say!
      I learned to drive years ago, then forgot my lessons after no encouragement from husband. Then again learnt after husband had heart surgery, and got my own car. After his death, I moved to Houston to live with son. Son didn’t let me buy a car, telling me there was no need.
      Last year I was on my own in Charlottesville. There was no one to take me around, so took up lessons again. I’m thankful I have my car now.

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