Not So Sunny


As I sat down to have breakfast, Son who caught a flight back to Houston yesterday, messaged to let me know his job is gone. Bad news in the morning! I lost my appetite immediately, but forced myself to eat.

Belt tightening begins!



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13 thoughts on “Not So Sunny”

      1. Thank you Miriam. My son is a very nice person. I am not saying this because he is my son, but since last year his life has been miserable, and he is passing through great trial, and tribulations due to his divorce, children gone, house and life savings gone, and now no job.
        Thankfully I have my savings, and together we will survive, but at the minute I can’t return to his side till 19th July.

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      2. I totally understand that situation. My ex tricked me into divorce and custody. He played sick and didn’t work. Before the divorce, he managed to spend $40,000, so I inherited $20,000 debt, plus didn’t have income in the summer because I had summer off as a teacher. Then took my daughter away and paid him child support for 5 years – $40,000. and $40,000 to my attorney. God has mercy on me, I had a job, without him wasting my money, I gradually recovered and now my daughter came back to me. I’ll be grandma in a few months. I hope your son won’t be discouraged. God is faithful. He will watch over your son. Is he coming to you or you’re going to him on July 19?

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      3. So sorry to hear that you had a bad time with your ex. It’s sad that men and women like that exists. I wish for my son that his life gets easier, but his life keeps getting tough.
        I live with son in Houston. My son and I had come to spend Eid with my daughter here in Hartford, Connecticut (who is moving out of the country). Son has gone back to Houston, while my flight back is on 19th July.
        In this moment I feel I should be with him since he must be more stressed than usual.

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