A passenger on planet earth

Traveling with fellow passengers 

To destination unknown




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16 thoughts on “Passenger ”

    1. Thank you. I feel happy that you liked my hurried attempt at the daily prompt. My daughter whom I am currently visiting was calling me repeatedly that she wanted me downstairs so that we could leave. I was trying to draw and thinking what to write. Sometimes one can’t think beyond a few words when under pressure.

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  1. I’m not a poetry person, so often the deeper meaning is over my head, but on the surface… I liked this poem because I’ve always wondered all the traffic in Southern CA – the freeways are crowded no matter what time of day. We travel a bit and find ourselves on highways around 11pm at night (or 2AM) and hit traffic and always wonder “Where are they or we…all going?”

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    1. I was doing the same thing today –wondering. I am on a visit to daughter. We had gone on a picnic, and were retuning home in the evening. The traffic was slow, and I looked at the long line of cars. I kept wondering where were all those people going?

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