After learning Son had become jobless, I wanted to dash back to Houston. The only thought which prevented me from going was, that I didn’t know when I will be able to see my daughter again. Daughter and family plans to move to Qatar, and it’s a long way from here. I used to think Hartford was far away from Houston, and now to think of Qatar.

I am not fond of traveling. The thought of a journey is mentally exhausting. And now Son and I will have to move away from Houston too, and it all depends upon his next job, and where he gets it. Another thought which I don’t like is selling my furniture, and kitchen items. Moving is so expensive if I don’t want to give away, or sell my things. The option of selling things at far less prices than what I paid for it is also heart wrenching. 

Son in law FJ sketched it out to me. He asked me, “If someone is selling used sofas at twelve hundred, and a new one sells at fifteen hundred, which one you will buy?” My answer was of course a new one. Then he asked me, “If the used sofas price came down to eight hundred?” I answered if it was in good condition I might buy the old one

“See!” He said triumphantly. He made his point.



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7 thoughts on “Dash”

  1. Assalaamu alaikum sheenmeem
    I trust all will go well with the moves and that you will be able to transition from home to home (son’s and daughter’s) with ease. I know how grateful I am that my parents were for 16 years able to come and go with ease, and now just my mom – it has been great for my children to be with their grandparents, and all moments are to be treasured. Allah bless.

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