One can’t go, and ask a complete stranger from where did she get the shirt she is wearing? Sometimes I do muster up my courage, and overcome my nerveousness to ask the aforementioned question. Often I get a reply which doesn’t really answers my query, and I get disappointed.

I need shirts to wear with pants, and jeans, which are hundred percent cotton, shouldn’t show cleavage, fully cover arms, and cover decently front, and behind. Shirts like that doesn’t exist, or maybe I’m unable to find them. If they are lengthy enough, arms and cleavage are on display, or they are minuscule not covering anything.

In search for shirts, I signed up for sewing letters which offer free patterns. I haven’t been lucky in that respect either, except for getting inundated with unwanted emails. I have to daily find time to delete them, otherwise they keep clogging my inbox.

On my last trip to home country, my tailor made a mess of my clothes worn there. When an occasion arises to wear a shalwar, qameez ensemble, I find myself with clothes badly sewed. Where to find a good tailor? It has become a dilemma.



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