When I wear a certain fragrance I purchased last year, Son complains that I smell like garbage. It’s such a turnoff hearing it. There I’m thinking it’s a lovely smell, and some one else thinks otherwise. Pitches me down every time I hear it. 

I have a question to ask my readers: why does the same fragrance smells different to others?



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4 thoughts on “Fragrance ”

  1. I think its each person’s body scent when it blends with the perfume. I know certain fragrances smell different on me than when i smell that same scent on others. But maybe your son just doesn’t like that particular fragrance. Like not all people like rose or jasmine scents.

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    1. I like jasmine, but have never liked the rose scented things, although I do like the natural roses.
      Another thing I have noticed about fragrances is that if one uses one scent over a long period one can’t smell it.

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