A Cup Of Tea


Son in law FJ was unashamedly listening to Nola (daughter), and myself, when we were discussing names for my blog back in February 2013. I was visiting them in Saudi Arabia. FJ’s sense of humor gains its momentum when I’m around. He knows perfectly well that I easily get riled.

Nola wanted me to write, whereas I was hesitant, and wasn’t any keen, fearful of making mistakes. I had totally forgotten the English language, as my mother tongue is Pushto. Nola wanted me to remain busy, so that I could wade through the grief of her father’s dying. Back to finding names, and FJ barged in uninvited with suggestions: One Cup, Two Cups of Tea. The cups got increased in number, as with each of his utterances I kept saying No. It had no effect on him. He kept laughing.

There is a book by that name, probably Three Cups of Tea. That’s where he had picked the name, and stored it in his memory box (his funny brain). He calls it Kidney due to his perverse humor.

I didn’t know what to do with him. Obviously I couldn’t shoo him out of the room. I shouldn’t have started in his presence, as he became my very first follower — the one, and only follower from the family.



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      1. Thanks for pointing it out again, Sheen. I thought I had fixed it through my phone, but see that I had missed my Gravatar profile. Now should be good. Enjoy your weekend, Sheen!

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