As Eid ul Adha draws nearer, the narrow country roads are filled with sheep and goats being taken to markets across in home country. The animals amble along the road sides nibbling grass. When a car approaches the owners try to herd their animals to sides of the road to make a passage for the car, much to the ire of the driver.

When my late husband R was alive, he would take care of buying a goat, or two for our yearly sacrifice on Eid day. Now I have to do the sacrifice. For the first two years I asked my brother in law to do it on my behalf, and would send the money to him for buying the animal. The animal’s meat is divided into three portions. One is for one’s own consumption, second is for giving to relatives and friends, and the the third one is to be distributed among the poor and needy.

The relatives, and friends didn’t need the meat as they would have done their own sacrifice, and I wasn’t there, so the meat was given away to the ones in need.

Meat prices keep going higher every year in home country.  For the poor it’s one day when they can have meat to their hearts content. R would laugh at the way the children who came to our gates would try to trick him into giving them more meat than their share. They would take their share, and again stand in line after hiding it.

The last three years I have been sending money for the sacrifice to daughter’s father in law. God Bless him for doing it on my behalf. This year Insha’Allah it’s going to be the same. 



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