I could feel a tiny prickle

On the left side of my back

Irritating, cause couldn’t reach it

The tiny prickle on my back

Something was pricking me on the back. I looked furtively on either side of me. No— no one was watching. All were intently staring at the big screen. I got up, and stepped back. You know, and I know how difficult it is to reach our backs to scratch it. It was ineffective. For a moment the itching would subside, but seconds later I would again feel something pricking  me. 

I couldn’t leave the room, not wanting to miss the intense story unfolding on the screen, so I put up with the discomfort. As soon as the movie finished, I rushed to my room. Took off my shirt, and turned it inside out to see what was it?

I found a tiny hair which acted like a barbed wire pricking my skin. Earlier in the day I had gone for a haircut. This wee hair had landed inside. I had not washed my hair, and changed clothes after returning home, which I should have done in the first instance. Sometimes a tiny hair causes so much botheration.



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