Willy-nilly I have to do the cooking on a daily base.  I like to eat fresh food, but everyday I have to rattle around in my brain, and think what to cook? Sometimes meat has finished. At other times vegetables have done the disappearing act from our home meaning I have to go, and buy them. I love vegetables, but without meat the flavor never seems right to me.

Thinking of meals, one of my favorite recipe in the past was making a short crust pastry roll. I tried to remember the ratio of flour and butter. As I didn’t have the recipe I used back in home country, I relied on Google to find out. The short crust pastry was a disaster. I am again going to try it today with less butter than the recipe on Internet says. Let’s hope it turns out okay, and I also hope I remember to take a photo of it.

My Avocado plant, and mint leaves have been eaten by some bug. Last time it happened with the mint leaves, but now the thing after finishing of the leaves, is eating the thin stalk of the Avocado plant. Here are the two photos:





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