It was a recipe for Coffee Icecream from an e-book I had downloaded. I wanted to try it, but I was short on whipped cream. Son, despite being tired went, and got it for me. Another hurdle waited in my trying out the new recipe. I wish I had opened it before Son went to the market — no coffee. 

When I opened the jar of instant coffee, it looked like a hard lump. I checked the date on the jar. The date of expiry was somewhere in 2018, but it looked like the coffee had expired.  I was trying to swallow my disappointment, when I remembered two free sachets of coffee I had somewhere in the kitchen cabinets, when I got my freezer bag. 

The coffee granules were grainy, unlike the expired coffee I had earlier unearthed.  I tried my best to dissolve the granules with an electric beater, but they didn’t dissolve. You can see the little brown specks in the photo. I hope I remember the next time I make it, I shouldn’t add syrup, as was written in the recipe. The syrup made the icecream too sweet for my taste.



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